AGS  Spring Crafting Contest   The theme this time is World Cultures.  You will have to decide if the entries fit the category.  

Please rank all of the entries with #1 being the best, #2 the next best, etc.   All entries should be scored.  After all judges scores have been submitted, I will add them and the gourd with the lowest total will be first place.  Do the best you can to judge the art and not the photography.  There are more people choosing to send in compilation photos to show multiple sides of their  work.  This is allowable, however their photo will not be displayed at a larger sizes so the individual images within the compilation may be smaller.   Please send your scoring ASAP - I always have to have the article written and into the editor in just a few days after judging ends.  Thank you again for your help with this!  

Entry A
Hopi NA Katchina

Entry B
Chinese Culture

Entry C
Hopi - NA Katchina

Entry D
Mexico Day of the Dead

Entry E
Kentucky Culture

Entry F
Native American - Doll Bed

Entry H
China - Cricket Cage

Entry G
China - Peking Opera Mask

Entry I
Mexico - Huichol Beading

Entry J
​Northwest Coast 

Entry K

Entry L

Entry M

Entry N

Entry O